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Rendering of Yongsan International Business District, Block B4-1 & B4-3

YIBD Block
B4-1 & B4-3

Yongsan Block B4 is located in the city of Seoul,Republic of Korea and is part of the Yongsan International Building Development masterplan to develop the site of an existing train yard, north of the Han River. The B4 block and adjacent parks P3 and P4 make up a unit within the overall master-plan of YIBD, and is part of the ‘Metal’ concept region. The B4 Block has 2 super tall Officetel towers, as well as retail podium buildings and a large sunken area that links to the underground retail spine which connects to other blocks.


The 2 towers are both high-end Officetels, with a unit mix ranging from a one-room system to 3-bedroom duplexes. An amenity program has also been developed to support the Officetel units and maintain a high standard of luxury in each tower. Both towers feature a sports club and restaurant/bar at the top of, with special emphasis on the tallest of the 2 towers, as it features a rooftop pool over 300.0 meters high.


The original concept featured 2 distinct towers, the shingled “male” tower, and the more curvacious “female” wave tower. As the design progressed it became cost effective to have two male towers so that the local architect could take over B4-3 after the Schematic Design Phase.


AS+GG: YIBD Block B4-1 & B4-3


Seoul, Korea

Concept Sketch of YIBD Block B4-1 & B4-3
Concept Sketch of YIBD Block B4-1 & B4-3
Exterior Wall Study, YIBD
Exterior Wall Study, YIBD
Exterior Wall Study, YIBD
Rendering of YIBD
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