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Rendering of SFERA


The La Perouse Development is a mixed-use building complex consisting of a residential tower, an office building, and a health center and retail base. The residential tower and office building are connected by a glass bridge, providing a climate-controlled path at the first level of the complex.

The design concept for the La Perouse Development is centered on simplicity. The design of the two towers focuses on a “kit of parts” solution, where details are shared between buildings, culminating in a crisp, modern aesthetic. The massing of the two buildings reflects the programs within, elevating the residential users to take advantage of the city panorama, and the office users enjoying a highly efficient international standard of office design.

The tops of both buildings serve as cityscape icons, reminiscent of lighthouses. The inverted pyramid inner ceiling design for both reflects the highly animated restaurant and cafeteria functions contained within. The double skin design for each building, with its internal lighting system design, creates a sense of depth and a lighted “thermos” analogy. This feature, coupled with the lighted tops of each building makes it an architectural landmark for the surrounding city.



SFERA (unbuilt)




Rendering of SFERA
Rendering of SFERA
Rendering of SFERA
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